This FAQ is for this explorer. A more general IOTA FAQ is coming soon™.

How is iotasear.ch different?

IOTASear.ch is meant to be as user friendly as possible, to not scare off first time users, but also be true to the core structure of iota and not abstracting away any important features. Everything we make is meant to be easily understood without any explanation.

Why is the interface so bland and simple?

Flashy, slick websites with many bells and whistles can scare users off, especially new ones. We believe that by having a simple, clean, and intuitive website, it helps users be comfortable with the technology of IOTA.

Why do you ask for donations?

Making things takes time, money, and effort (and so does hosting them), and by including advertising, our explorer would become less inviting, as well as ruining the simple and clean look.



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